Interesting facts and strange customs about Jewelry. 

Strange customs.

Did you know that people have been swallowing precious Pearls whole and in a powdered form for ages as a medicine for sicknesses? This mostly done in Asia, the interesting fact about this is, that Pearls are mostly made of calcium carbonate, which is a antacid, so about the only thing they are curing is a upset stomach. This is one expensive antacid, they should try "Tums" they are cheaper.

Did you know that Opals are said to bring wisdom and good fortune? In ancient times people believed that Opals were pieces of heaven that had fallen out of the sky due to violent thunderstorms.

Did you know that in ancient times, people believed that gold came from the Sun. There were even Religious groups that believed gold were tear drops from their Sun Gods

Interesting facts about gold, jewels and jewelry.

Did you know that the largest gold nugget found in the U.S.A. was in California and it weighed 195 pounds?

Did you know that the largest Pearl ever found weighed 14 pounds?

Did you know that a Opal will cut glass just like a Diamond?

Did you know that a "carat" is the unit of weight for gemstones and one carat is 1/5 of a gram and that 28 grams equals one ounce?

Did you a rare one carat red Diamond (that would be about the size of the eraser of a pencil) sold at a auction for one million dollars?

Did you know that even though a Diamond is known to be the hardest material mineral known to man, if you hit it with a hammer you would crush it to a powder? This so called "hardness" relates to it's ability to scratch other materials.   (PS)   Never test a diamond by scratching a glass surface, it will damage the surface of the Diamond.  Even a imitation glass diamond will scratch the surface of glass.

Did you know colored Diamonds are called "fancies" and are rare and those with pronounced colors are worth more than the finest white varieties?

Did you know know diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow? Diamond color changes due to the chemical composition when the diamond is formed (or after, in the case of green diamonds). These colored diamonds are known as Fancy diamonds and since they are so unique, are judged on their own scale from Faint color to Fancy and Fancy Vivid. Sometimes there are a mixture of colors in a diamond that will increase or decrease the value, depending on the combination. The more intense and pure the color, the more rare and valuable the diamond.

Did you know that gold in it's pure form (24 carats) is so soft that it bends easily like lead metal and has to be mixed with other metals to make durable jewelry? That is why gold comes in 18 carat gold, 14 carat gold, 10 carat gold, 10 carat gold being the one with less gold in it.

Did you know that Platinum is one of the world's strongest metals. It weighs 60% more than karat gold. Just holding it in your hand, you can feel the difference.  Not everyone can own Platinum jewelry because there simply isn't enough of it in world. For example: all the Platinum ever mined would fit in an average sized living room


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